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De Tragedie van een Liedjesschrijver zonder Woorden CD Moving Furniture Records MFR013 first proper ("fabric pressed") CD by this underrated dutch ambient/drone/experimental project, six tracks of rough oceanic drones with cracking particles above, very minimal & hypnotic, drowning in overtune walls.. highly recommended! Edition of 300 copies 2013 €11.50
Dream Sequence #3 mCD-R Taalem alm 112 23 min. one-tracker of washy, waving ambience clouds with only little changes, the third release in a series of mini cds with "dreamy" sounds.. 2017 €5.00
Saxophone Studies LP Moving Furniture Records MFR062 it's quite rare to see the Saxophone as basis for a drone-minmalistic piece, but here the dutch droner ORPHAX created two long tracks with Sax as only sound source, multi-layered and circling 'non-harmonic multitones'... "While the two pieces sound quite different from one another, both are compellingly unusual forays into longform drone that lysergically swirl and undulate with vibrant harmonic interplay." [Brainwashed] - ed. of 300 copies with CD copy included 2018 €16.50