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ILLUSION OF SAFETY - Time remaining

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ossosnossos OSSO2
Release Year: 2003
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WARNING: use extreme caution when playing contents through headphones or inferior speakers. IOS (inzwischen studiomig meist DAN BURKE alleine) loten hier in jeder Beziehung Extreme aus radikale elektronische Experimente breiten sich hier auf 8 Stcken aus, jedes bietet einen eigene Mikrokosmos von fremdartigem Klang zwischen schneidenden Elektroniklrm und ruhigen Collagen. 20 Jahre gibt es diese Industrial-Pioniere jetzt schon, und mit jedem neuen Werk scheint eine weitere Wandlung und Erneuerung einzutreten..
Great new IOS-Work where they plumb the very extreme poles of noise and calmness...

....Somehow it reminds me of 'Historical', compact disc number one. Drones, noise and sound collage - each seems to have it's own place on this CD. Whereas a lot of other CDs were in one direction, this CD is in more places, sometimes even within one track. I was thinking that despite the various tracks (each having their own title), this is more a continious work, just one long piece of music, each track flowing in the other. With this CD one can hear the experience of Dan Burke, both as a studio musician and a live one - the sheer elegance with which is this is made. Unlike many others, Illusion Of Safety changes all the time, and comes up with something new, based on twenty years of experience. Let's hope there is a lot of remaining time, for lots more. [FdW, Vital Weekly]