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COLUMN ONE - Feldaufnahmen I

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Auf Abwegen AATP21
Release Year: 2007
Note: " Le Bruits du Monde: L'Allemagne". digipack with nice full-colour booklet
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Limited edition of 500 copies, CD in digipak, 16 pp. booklet. Feldaufnahmen I is the first release in a series of pure filed recordings by german multi-disciplinary experimental group COLUMN One. The 12 recordings where collected in east Germany in the Polenztal within the mountain range called Elbsandsteingebirge in 2000-2001 with the simplest equipment. The recordings where edited and rearranged by Robert Schalinski in Berlin in 2006. Feldaufnahmen I is a new phase for Column One whio have continued to change and evolve in their musical career. The group was renowned for post-industrial atmospheres, media collages and cut-up dadaist humor now they enter the terrain of sound ecology with their own twist. The 12 pieces on the disc radiate with beauty - they demonstrate the full spectrum of sounds that can be found in any relatively quiet natural resort: dogs barking, humming of insects, crackling of twigs, footsteps, wind and more. The CD Feldaufnahmen I is is presented in a full colour digipak with a 16 pages booklet with full colour reproductions of photographs taken by Column One in the area where the sounds were recorded.
Column One was founded in Berlin, 1991 as the IDEOLOGICAL BASIS for an (aesthetic) approach to structures, philosophical ideas & media of the (now) western world. At that time Rene Lamp & Robert Schalinski already had been working together on short-film projects. The philosophical ideas of RADICAL CONSTRUCTIVISM (Paul Watzlawik etc.), the paths of the CUT-UP demonstrators such as W.S. Burroughs, Bryon Gysin & Jrgen Ploog, the experiments of POP-TERRORISTS like Genesis P-Orridge with Psychic TV & the films of directors like Andrew Tarkowski, Derek Jarman, Ingmar Bergmann, Lars von Trier, Alexandro Jodorowski have had greater influence on the foundation and the work of Column One. However, the crucial point & the main motivation for the work of Column One is the TOTALISATION OF COMMUNICATION. Meaning: to bring back into consciousness communication in its unavoidable consequence & presence.... thus, it's about decoding information, the utilisation, cutting up & decoding of which is presented to us as REALITY & of what we constantly present to ourselves. In order to succeed in this decoding process Column One utilises existing forms of communication & its media & generally considers everything as raw material, basic element or finished product.
Column One operates as collective. Besides the founding members a changing amount of various members changes from project to project: Andrew Loadman, Jerome Soudan (aka Mimetic), Wojcek Czern (aka Zia Siodma Gora), Jrgen Eckloff (also: Kein Zweiter), Leo Solter (also: Kein Zweiter, Tornow), R.U. Brain-Bridge..." [label description]

"Over the years Column One has been a group that loved electricity - to connect their synthesizers, samplers, computer or whatever. Their music was strongly rhythmic and there was always a media edge to the music. Nothing so on 'Feldaufnahmen 1', the first in what is going to be a series of pure field recordings (as that is what the title means actually). Column One member robert Schalinski went out in East Germany to the Polenztal and recorded twelve different sound events. For whatever obscure reason they are titled in French, but the title leaves nothing to guess: 'The Insects', 'The Forest/The Dog', 'Water/Insects'. We hear dogs, children, rocks, all in a pure form. Very easy? Yes, very easy, but as someone who likes sounds, I must admit I pretty fascinated by these recordings. Simple and pure, phonography in it's purest form. I am not sure what the hardcore fans of Column One will think about this, but I thought this absolute break with the past is a great move and the result is likewise." [FdW / Vital Weekly]