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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Wahrnehmungen 1980 / 1981

Format: 3xLP-BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Vinyl-On-Demand VOD 18
Release Year: 2005
Note: Rare Material of the P.D.-members on this pre-SELEKTION-Label: DER APATHISCHE ALPTRAUM, P16.D4, ERTRINKEN VAKUUM, KURZSCHLUSS, PERMUTATIVE DISTORSION, LLL .... comes with extra-covers in the box & booklet. lim. & numb. 500
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Members of the group P.D. (later renamed P16.D4) founded the label Selektion in 1980. Using the name Wahrnehmungen the label released 19 cassettes in 1980/1981. The tapes mostly presented experimental projects by members of the group and their collaborators. This set features 5 of these cassettes, each taking one LP-side. LP-side 6 can be seen as a virtual cassette: P16.D4 recordings from 1981, here released for the first time ever. Incl. ERTRINKEN VAKUUM, KURZSCHLUSS , LLL, PERMUTATIVE DISTORSION, DER APATHISCHE ALPTRAUM, P16.D4. [label info]

The biggest undertaking here is the three LP 'Wahrnehmungen'. This was the name of Selektion before Selektion, run by P16.D4 members before P16.D4. The 'bands'/'projects' involve various members of PD/P16.D4, in various constellations. Wahrnehmungen was not just cassette label. They released nineteen tapes, but also two LPs, two EPs and a flexidisc. The six sides on this LP box however view some of the cassette releases, and includes really unknown names, like Ertrinken Vakuum, Kurzschluss, LLL and Der Apatische Alptraum, each project fills their own side. Ertrinken Vakuum open up. It's the moniker of Thomas Memmler, who had another solo album, and worked with RLW on a few occasions in the P16.D4 period. His music sounds very typical of the period: a rawly cut tape-loop, a rhythm machine set a very simple ticking beat and sounds feeding through effects. Providing one is in the right mood, it can surely be hypnotic - if not in the right mood, it gets to ones nerves. On the other side is Kurzschluss, a 'concept' of Joachim Stender and RLW, of PD, using microphones in the middle of the audience, feeding the sound over the P.A., which of course caused feedback and a riot. The music here is a mixture of the concert (two excerpts) and 'a short circuit of the recording'. A kind of crude mixture of feedback like sounds, feeding through a Korg Ms 20 synthesizer, but surely a more captivating than Ertrinken Vakuum.
The second record has Permutive Distortion with their text piece 'Brckenkopf'. The band consisted of Joachim Stender, RLW and Thomas Memmler, who played synthesizers, percussion, guitars, violin and of course voice. The texts dealt with 'the commercialization of the "movement" neue deutsche welle', although it's hard to decipher any text at all. This cassette was popular in those days, and it's to see why: the rhythm box ticks nicely away, guitars play funky motives and the voice sounds like some of Der Plan. The violin is an odd-ball however, but in some way this is perhaps the most poppy outing in the box (I can't vouch for the entire Wahrnehmungen catalogue, since I didn't hear all - there is more to re-issue there!). On the other side LLL, a solo project of Joachim Pense, one of the founding fathers of P.D. This is certainly a strange side of things. Pense plays acoustic guitar, flute and voice. He called his music Infra-Jazz, and in live concerts he would play covers of Sex Pistols, Stockhausen and Mingus alongside his own stuff. Despite some feedback used here and there, this by and large an acoustic music affair. Lo-fi when such a term was not yet invited. At first just 'curious', but the material grew eventually.
The third album starts out with Der Apatische Alptraum, a solo project of Roger Schnauer, later of P16.D4. This is certainly the most noisy part of Wahrnehmungen, with many tapes of crude field recordings, radio, synthesizers etc., but the entire body of work he produced under that name (represented on this LP side) is not as inaccessible. The noise Schnauer produces is made with care and interest for structure. On the other side at last, P16.D4, with three improvisations and a sketch for a new song. These very early P16.D4 recordings reflect the latter day work of P.D., meaning free improvisation inside a rock structure, but the tapes of RLW play a bigger role. Concrete sounds drop in and out of the mix.... [FdW / Vital Weekly]