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PANHUYSEN, PAUL - A Magic Square of 5 to look at

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Plinkity Plonk PLINK 015
Release Year: 2004
Note: endless slow motion waves of whirring drone expanses, a "magic square" served as conceptual basis of this soundart composition, combined with the mathematics of cosmic harmonies... a must for everyone who likes VON HAUSSWOLFF or JACOB KIRKEGAARD we think! BACK IN STOCK!
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Endlose Zeitlupenwellen von langsam dahinńchzenden Sirr-Teppichen, als konzeptuelle Grundlage der Klangkunst-Komposition diente ein ämagisches Quadratô und die entsprechende Mathematik der äkosmischen Harmonieô... interessantes Konzept und Řberzeugendes Klangergebnis von diesem eher im Ausstellungs/Installations-Betrieb arbeitenden KlangkŘnstler..

ôOK, for all the math freaks out there, this is a must have. This CD by one of the most famous Dutch sound artists with a resume as long as both my arms is one big mathematician's wet dream. The theory of a magic square is simple enough, but not so simple that I would be able to reproduce it correctly here. What Panhuysen has done is to transpose the theory to image and sound (all the details about this can be found extensively in the booklet). Sounds boring? Well, it may sound that way, but the result is great! Especially the resulting 30 minute sound piece is a sheer beauty. Sine waves are played according to the rules of the magic square and some additional rules and the result is a piece that is hauntingly evocative, yet dry as a desert. This strange contradiction gives the work its strength and tension. The piece was originally conceived as a four channel sound installation but works very well in the CDd format. Together with the booklet and text it is a very hermetic work of art, extremely modernist, and therefore a welcome statement in times of relatively random digital number crunching. A very good work.ö [MR, Vital Weekly]