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Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-77
Release Year: 2005
Note: Ethno ambient Industrial with a shamanistic & hallucinogenic aura from this rising star from the St. Petersburg scene (aka LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET) first ed. 300 copies / red vinyl / handpainted covers, each one unique !
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....Die slawisch-melancholische Seele feiert auf dem roten Vinyl von "Brusnika" wahre Feste der Schwermut und neben den organischen Ethno-Drones basieren einige Sounds auf alten baltischen Schlafliedern. LUNAR ABYSS klingen fr mich neben REUTOFF am typischsten fr das groe Land und ich mag diese Russen, die aus nur wenigen Zutaten eine absolut fesselnde Atmosphre zu schaffen wissen und sich dies selbst noch nicht einmal bewut sind - einfach groartig! [Marco Fiebag, BLACK]

LUNAR ABYSS (ext.) is the child of Evgueny Savenko from St. Petersburg who did some excellent releases (Vinyl, CDR, CD) over the past years with his own peculiar touch of doing this hypnotic-ethno-ambient industrial music mostly under the name LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET. This very first 7 EP for L.A.D.O. is a pure aural-shamanistic-journey where heard and felt are Earths elements and life itself such as fire, voice-murmurs, strange animals noises, winds force and whistles, the enchanting voice of a woman singing, various softly looped voices are perceptible throughout this sound journey. All these natural sound-ingredients are merged into a deeply etched vibrating rhythm of raw and deepest rumbling analogue sounds. These are the kind of electro-acoustic drone-pieces that breathes spiritual strength and build shamanistic atmospheres full of intensity. Each cover is hand-painted with very colourful Mandala-like forms!!! Filed under: ethno-organic otherworld-drones RED VINYL. COLOURFUL HANDPAINTED COVERS, EACH ONE UNIQUE! [press release]