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ASIA NOVA [=ASIANOVA] - Magnamnemonicon

Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Substantia Innominata SUB-02
Release Year: 2006
Note: first vinyl for ASIA NOVA, second part in the new 10"-series by Drone Records. Full colour cover & pink / red-white vinyl, 33 rpm, more than 30+ min. playtime. ed of 500. Release-date: 3. March 2006 !!
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More Info

Die Nr. 2 in der neuen 10“-Reihe SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA von Drone Records zum Thema „das Unbekannte“ ist von ASIA NOVA, dem US-Duo aus San Francisco mit URE THRALL: Experimentelle, dunkle ethno-ambience mit Frauengesang. Abgründig und ätherisch, gepresst auf pinkem / rot-weiss marmoriertem Vinyl !

“Info about this release SUB-02: ASIA NOVA is a project of Californian artist URE THRALL [ex VOICE OF EYE, etc.] and PAMELA PASSMORE with guest musicians. Paul Valsecchi and Marlon Porter "Magnamnemonicon" contains 6 parts of music spread on 2 sides, more
than 30 minutes of material: The mind as an abyss of supressed memories. Voices & sounds arise from the own dark continent, materializing in strong emotions of loss & yearning for the un-reachable. The Unknown as an eerie entity in our selves? Artwork by Gregor Schultz. Red-white / pink marmorized vinyl in a first edition of 500 copies. 33 rpm.
General info about this new series: „Substantia Innominata” is the brand new release-series from Drone Records. We are proud to present this as a 10” VINYL series along with subsequent re-releases on CD. This new series doesn’t focus on a special concept or ideology regarding the music, but on a certain theme. The theme for this 10” series is based on “The Un-known, The Un-nameable, The Un-speakable, The Un-thinkable, etc.: Various aspects related to “The Unknown”. Basically the grey matter (psychic or physical, which are bound to result the same) surrounding us / within us, but can’t be understood or recognized through the normal senses (though some may perceive it on a subconscious level). We could name it “The Unconscious”. The chosen name for this series, “Substantia Innominata”, was inspired to the fact that this Latin name represents a certain region of the brain which has unknown functions and remains a mystery for its role and existence. Therefore this name reflects well the intense fascination for this impalpable concept of “the unknown”. The invited artists for this series were asked to work around this theme, to let themselves be inspired by its abstraction. The artwork for this series will be created by the various visual & graphic artists. All in full-colour or silkscreen covers. The 10” vinyl pressings will come in an edition of 500 copies for each title.” [press release]