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KRCFHL - same

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kultfront KF-XXIX
Release Year: 2022
Note: this short lived project named KRCFHL is a special delicacy for the connaisseur of the Russian drone ambient & experimental electronic scene: CISFINITUM, HLADNA and KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK recorded a floating, expanding studio set together in Moscow Sept. 2005, using various electronic devices and synths plus violin; the second CD collects remixes of the "next generation of artists": NOTUM, BEZVLASTJE (she's also in DRONE LIBERATION FRONT), SVETLO111, and SYMPHOCAT; lim. 200
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More Info

The KRCFHL recording was made on September 28, 2005 by three well-known Russian sound experimentalists M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk), Evgeniy Voronovskiy (Cisfinitum) and Nikolay Kalmykov (Hladna). The musicians gathered in Evgeniys home studio in Moscow, spontaneously played and recorded this psychedelic set. The recording remained unknown to the public for 16 years, but worked as a fail-safe therapy for the kultFRONT label during all these years.

KRCFHL is a smooth immersion in the pulsating world of analogue synthesizers, embellished with the sounds of violin that does not sound like itself. Prior to this recording, the musicians performed several times on the same stages, either at post-industrial music festivals (a joint photo in the albums artwork was taken on the Thalamus II fest, which happened in Pskov in May 2005), or in collaboration sets. After this recording, they didnt practice any joint immersions, but the musicians worked on releasing other recordings.

In 2021 the recording became a double album thanks to four tracks from KRCFHL colleagues from the next generation of Russian sound experimentalists. Friends reimagined the recording from 2005, each in their own recognizable way. The first track was made by the project NOTUM, which was born in St. Petersburg, but is now developing in Berlin. The second remix was recorded by Xenia Lotus (Drone Liberation Front, a collaboration project with Tim Six) under the guise of her solo project BEZVLASTJE. The third rework was done by the noise queen Sveta Svetlo, aka SVETLO111. And the second disc (or side B on the cassette) is wrapped up by Ilya SYMPHOCAT.

The album artwork features photographs of an old wall in the vicinity of the Smolniy Convent in St. Petersburg. The place with the KRCFHL inscriptions has already become a point of attraction for pilgrims.

The album is released on 50 compact cassettes with a total length of 85 minutes. Additionally, the album is available on 200 double CDs.

KRCFHL is clear proof of how music and its magic only becomes more interesting over the years.
released December 29, 2021

KRCFHL (parts I & II) recorded live by M.M. (KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK), Evgeniy Voronovskiy (CISFINITUM), Nikolay Kalmykov (HLADNA) on September 28th, 2005 at Evgeniys home studio, Moscow

~ kryptogen.bandcamp.com
~ cisfinitum.bandcamp.com
~ hladna.bandcamp.com

KRCFHL (NOTUM remix) recorded by Ikk Ygg in October 2021, Berlin
~ notumschaltung.com

KRCFHL (BEZVLASTJE remix) recorded by Xenia Lotus on November 25, 2021, St. Petersburg
~ soundcloud.com/bezvlastje

KRCFHL (SVETLO111 remix) recorded by Sveta Svetlo in October 2021, St. Petersburg
~ soundcloud.com/svetlo111

KRCFHL (SYMPHOCAT remix) recorded by Ilia Symphocat in October-November 2021, St. Petersburg
~ symphocat.com

Mastered by M.M. & ArSch
Photos by kultFRONT, Luiza Arroz, @cht00000, Vera Bezrukova
Design by kultFRONT

Co-released with ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division: zhbd.bandcamp.com