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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD 299
Release Year: 2022
Note: * Egomachia = the fight of the ego is the concept behind this album * => the old Italian cult cassette project (with highest activity in the late 80\'s / early 90\'s, and an early Drone Rec. 7\") is back with a full length album after almost 20 years! => \"Egomachia\" was created entirely on non-traditional or self-built instruments, without the use of loops; the result sounds raw and unpolished, between handplayed archaic drone and a kind of fake ethno industrial, with lots of blowing and metallic sounds, very original stuff for non-easy listening!! A great comeback!!
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\"After a very long silence finally here comes the brand new album by this Italian-Archeo-Industrial project.
\"Egomachia = the fight of the ego\" is the concept behind this album.
Album is divided in three sectorswhich corrispond to the 3 Parche: Clto, Lchesi, tropo.
Nothing is casual in Egomachia, like the ennagono that contains the symbol of the 9-sided TQTR logo, like the letters of Egomachia.
Egomachia was entirely played with non traditional instruments (all of them are unique and handcrafted) and without the use of loops. Very deep and dark experimental sounds by this Italian master of Old School Industrial.\"