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RLW - Funeral Parties

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Musica Moderna MM014
Release Year: 2016
Note: for his "Funeral Music" project RLW has taken sound snippets from the European tradition of composed Funeral Music (i.e.:ANTON WEBERN, HNDEL, SCHUBERT, PURCELL, SIBELIUS...) and transformed these with the help of BHOB RAINEY (saxophone sounds) into seven unsettling, deranged and fragmented tracks... => surrealistic, collaged music that sounds if it would come out of a very DIFFERENT dimension, intense !! Edition of 200 copies
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When Bhob Rainey had moved to New Orleans late in the first decennium of the 2000's we were talking about an eventual new collaboration. The idea to work with the confrontation of New Orleans based jazz funeral music versus the European tradition of composed funeral music came up and sank down no later than Bhob's next move - to Philadelphia. Nevertheless I felt fascinated by plunging into the funeral theme and laid down some drafts of pieces. When Bhob visited in March 2013 he did some sax-improvisations along the lines of these drafts. Electronically transformed excerpts from these recordings have been injected into and morphed with the drafts. The reference to New Orleans has been lost completely midway, like the plan of an equal-part collaboration. Nevertheless Bhob and me totally agree about many things. Like our disagreement concerning the importance of Dj Screw.
Judge for yourself !' LP edition of 200.