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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Vacuum v2.0
Release Year: 2000
Note: re-stock of this nice collaboration by ULTRA MILKMAIDS with Austrian DJ & electro droner PURE (aka PETER VOTAVA), with warm, harmonic & atmospheric digital dronescapes with concrete elements, meditative & strange at the same time.. 7 splendid tracks, special offer !
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"Warm, atmospheric soundscapes melted with stereophonic complex drones. Both of their styles fuse and bleed into one another with perfect consistency." [label info]

"Collaboration vom Mego-Artist Peter Votava (PURE) mit den Milkmaids, auf dem Ant-Zen Sublabel, "intelligenter" Ambient oder wie soll man das nennen? Digitale, aber warme flchige sounds & samples, manchmal eher konkrete, leider unbeschreibbare Digital-klnge - eine meditative & zugleich fremdartige other dimension wird hier entworfen, auf 7 famosen tracks... " [Drone Rec. info 2000]