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DAUBY, YANNICK - 廠 (chang, factory)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kalerne kal05
Release Year: 2015
Note: environmental recordings made in a hydraulic factory in Taiwan served as a basis for this ghostly and eerie 'industrialized ambience' composition (a one tracker of 43 min), mirroring the atmosphere of deserted industrial areas with half broken factories, populated by machines & alienated workers... concrete metal and machine sounds jerk into the amorph isolation drones, the gloomy soundtrack to our globalized culture... absolutey stunning & surprising work !!
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"Repeated gestures in a decaying factory, empty ritual for a globalized reverie Vestige of economic success in a partly deserted industrial area Deafening machinery operated by graduated students Unidentified hydraulic hardware, unusable network of conduits Ricefields turned into industrial reservoir turned into polluted pool Ferns growing on rust, cicadas singing above collapsed concrete roofs.

In-site improvisations, field recordings : Xinzhuang, Taiwan, summer 2012.
Composition : Yonghe, Taiwan, winter 2013." [label info]