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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Obfuscated OR 19 CD
Release Year: 2013
Note: finally a new proper full-length CD by BCO, 'Stanchenzza' is full of dancing overtunes & subtle e-drones, a great atmospheric set with some special mind-bending moments of course.. 65+ min
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"Bifurcated Cithara Orcin otherwise known as Big City Orchestra is a SF based group that has been around since the days or yore. Getting their start in the late 70′s with tape cassettes. Here we have a genuine audio CD release. The real deal my friends. This is no snake oil sales pitch. Enclosed you will find 6 tracks of mystifying delights, sea shanties and cosmic drones. Come one come all!" [label info]


"Big City Orchestra (here billed why not? as Bifurcated Cithara Orcin) is the ever-morphing sonic entity out of San Francisco that's been lecherously fondling the hometaper scene for decades. Like anyone who's ever bought anything from a DIY label, I've encountered their distinct brand of odd in the past, most recently on a tiny 2009 tape release, 'Ymiz,' put out by the now-defunct Agharta label out of Lithuania. One thing I especially dig is their fervently inclusive message: their list of former members encompasses an extensive smrgsbord of varied soundsmiths, and they have a well-documented willingness to issue their releases on small, otherwise unestablished labels (in addition to several linchpin imprints of the 80s/90s tape-trading scene). The joy of each BCO record stems from its utter unpredictability; never content to settle for mere noise, they skitter eagerly from hand-sewn sound collages to tape loop diversions to wispy miasmas of droning miscellany.
'Stanchenzza' is more of the same from the reliable troupe, this time scraped down to a mere quintet. Expansive "Dirt Road to Cliff" and "Klangend" busy themselves with forlorn, droning textures, both of them paralyzing in their glowing impressions of infinity. They steal the show somewhat, but the second half of the album has its share of pleasures, too: the flimsy rhythmics on "Opium" are a welcome textural diversion, while relative shortie "Pixied" has its foundation in loops and found sounds, much in line with the aesthetic propagated on dusty old tapes in the mid-eighties. On 'Stanchenzza,' as always, BCO stirs their unique playfulness into each abstract composition. The final product is a treat." [MT/Vital Weekly]