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KRYNGE - Hiss & Hearse

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACR 1009
Release Year: 2012
Note: KRYNGE was the project of ZAN HOFFMAN (also known as BODYCOCKTAIL) and some friends like AGOG, JOHN HUDAK, MINOY... this re-issued MC (from 1988) consists of multi-layered & slowed-down low-fi loops, hypnotic & bit obscured stuff, similar to old works of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA...
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"KRYNGE, the multi-collaborative international supergroup, was the brainchild of Zan Hoffman in 1987-88 and features recordings of his home taping friends reimagined. Acknowledging the debt the contemporary experimental music scene owes to the pioneering work of the tape-trading and mail art scenes, Attenuation Circuit celebrates the 25th anniversary of Krynge by re-releasing the original cassettes on CD in bi-monthly instalments. The Krynge series comes in a dedicated new design while also containing reproductions of the original cassette cover art.

Hiss & Hearse the rerelease corrects the spelling mistake of the original cover art, which read Hiss & Herse and sort of screwed up an otherwise great pun lasts some 25 minutes and was probably intended for one side of 60-minute cassette. In what appears to be one solid block of noise and hiss, punctuated by occasional remnants of signals, musical or otherwise, the entire recording seems to celebrate the noisy medium of the cassette as a means of expression. This is not noise as in noise music as a genre, its more about noise as a symbol for a time when the cassette, for all its limitations, was still a precious means of communicating your musical ideas to others. This historical dimension is emphasised by the fact that one of the contributors to this tape, beside Swinebolt 45, was Zan Hoffmans then collaboration partner Miny, who died in 2010." [label info]