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BRUME - Xerxes

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Rotorelief ROTOR 028
Release Year: 2012
Note: inspired by the king of Persia (500 B.C.), a work around "human aggression" - this is BRUME at the most alien, sinister, opressive & demanding.... mind-overflooding & intense bad dream muzak; numbered ed. 333 copies; "One can deduce that today Humanity didn't change one iota since the dawn of time!"
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"Xerxes was the King of Persia in 500 B.C. and could be considered today as a symbol of 'blitzkrieg'. His aggressive instincts allowed him to defeat the Greek army in a quite short period of time thanks to his great armada. Xerxes can be considered as a symbol of aggression, of invasion and let's say of penetration by all meanings of the word. Invasion implies a sexual connotation, it's obvious! This sonorous material bearing the same name tries through sonorous metaphors but also through direct resonances to concretise this notion of ultra-violent agression inherent to all periods of Humanity. We can unfortnately deduce that if Humanity had never known its wars, History would be meaningless. Unfortunate ! Having in mind the contemporary history, for instance the Second world war, one can say that everything is assembled here: barbarity combined to technology, to death organisation (may it be communist or fascist), but also to the first high-tech propaganda embryos ! Today in 2011 all systems, and this thanks to new techniques of 'information', keep on bombarding and formating the masses with high-flying high-tech systems suitable to their ideals. One can deduce that today Humanity didn't change one iota since the dawn of time! Technology being only crutches and prothesis. The end of tyrannosaurus isn't coming any time soon! C. Renou" [label info]