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KOJO, HITOSHI - High Tide Mirror

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Omnimomento om 06
Release Year: 2012
Note: Ecstasis-Drones! Collection of live-material rec. 2012 in Switzerland & France, very psyched out & spiritual acoustic drones with a strong tendency to become weightless forms - using vocal material it reminds on C. PALESTINE or VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA, but there are also beautiful uplifting light sound expanses that are pure & calm.. lim. 200, very nice cover-design in 3 different colours (silk screened 300gr cardboard stock)
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"Inner resonance of planets... harmonies made from the distances between planets... melodies generated by their circular dances... Our bodies can become a receiver of cosmic music when we connect our roots to certain places on earth. However the electromagnetic field on the surface of the earth is unduly interfered nowadays. So our sympathetic ability is heavily oppressed by the violent moire. First, shall we let ourselves synchronize with the flow of the earth's fundamental magnetic field, immerse ourselves into the tonal dance with the sun and the moon? Then each of us will spontaneously begin to oscillate a unique vibration according to our character. It is the fundamental tone that becomes part of the universal harmony, and the first step to participate in the circular dance of the celestial orbs. Live sets recorded in autumn 2010 in Vevey Switzerland and Lyon France. Edited in winter 2011 in Brussels Belgium. CD in edition of 200 numbered copies (first edition), housed in a double envelope with hand-printed silk screen on 300g card stock. There are three versions of the cover: pale purple, deep purple and dark blue." [label info]

"Active as Plexia, Plexus, Spiracle and member of Bloxus, Juupala Kaapio, Libellula, Revenant and Turquoise (to lift off some info from discogs), but mostly reviewed here under his own name, Hitoshi Kojo with a new album here, of sets recorded in Vevey (Switzerland) and Lyon (France), edited later on in Brussels, where he lives these days. I must admit I never studied his website before, but now I did and learned he's into music, composition, installation, performance, painting, sculpture, video and photo 'and those mixtures' of which 'the extensive activities are based on his animistic sensitivity that all the matters and the spaces have their own memories. Touching the objects, Talking to animals and plants, Resonating with atmosphere in the space. Such daily activities since the childhood are the basis of his works.' His work is best described as drone like I should think and this new release is a fine example of that. Its hard to say however what he uses to create his drones, but my best guess would be that it is some sort of mixture of acoustic instruments and electronics, perhaps with the use of objects of an electro-acoustic nature. Something like that. It sounds pretty good, altogether. The six lengthy pieces here display a fine sensitive character, without falling too much in the trap of 'easy' drone music - the 'cigar wave form' as someone once called it. Kojo mixes together his sources in an elegant way, with ringing and singing overtones, bowing cymbals, strings and god knows what else. A delicate yet not always necessarily quiet release - powerful drones yet smooth when necessary. Excellent stuff." [FdW/Vital Weekly]