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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Biosonar^Labyrint 023
Release Year: 2011
Note: BACK IN STOCK this rare album by the shamanistic drone project from St. Petersburg, collecting chronologically rare material from the period 2002-2004 (all re-mastered), sounding like one long floating organic wave of percussive drones & hypnotic transcension-vibes, with strong East-European touch, pointing to the origins of Eurasian cultures... feat. also the two tracks from the deleted BRUSNIKA 7" from Drone Records (DR-77). Lim. 323 copies, handmade cardboard sleeve, HIGHLY REOMMENDED!!
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"The third "real" CD by LADO combines tracks recorded in 2002-2004 and due to various circumstances initially spread over various compilations and EPs ("Heilige Feuer III", "Thalamus II", "Holy Mother Russia", "Listopad Vot On", "Brusnika"). Now the circle is closed and this CD represents the pieces almost in the same order as they were created. The album reflects a certain period of creativity and especially author's interest in proto-Eurasian cultures. Sounds like the best album of the project, although it is a kaleidoscope, creating a new pattern for the hearing. The compositions are created from acoustic and electronic structures, drum and noise loops, voice samples, scientific & journalistic recordings and deep wave drones." [label info]