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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Vetvei V17
Release Year: 2011
Note: this Russian sound-magician has mixed recordings from 3 live shows together - not one after the other, but all three combined = an incredible hallucinogenic sound that breaths & whispers, a dark mire of atmospheres.. Great again!! Lim. 485 with the usual stunning artwork from SERGEY ILCHUK
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"New album from Saint-Petersburg L.A.D.O. project is result of 3 live records mixing: July 1, 2010 in art-apartment "Vmeste" - a meditative sound performance "Ring Time" - feat Kshatriy; July 4, 2010 a morning concert in "Zelenogorsky Festival of ambient music vol.1"; July 14, 2010 a meditative sound performance "Diamond Sandman - 12th floor" in the art-apartment "Vmeste". An incredibly deep multilayered Drone Ambient with plenty of colorful patterns. A dense self-observing stream, that takes away all the dependences and rushing through an endless self-similar spheres. Mastered by Kshatriy. Full-colored six-panel envelope Vresnit & Vetvei Art." [label info]


"I believe I once saw a concert by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, open air, small square in St. Petersburg, in which the surrounding sounds of the environment (cars, people walking and talking, birds) added a sort of nice texture to the proceedings on the small stage. I don't recall if it was an one man band, or more, but perhaps that was due to the nature of the afternoon when this took place: some ad-hoc bands were formed and played. There was an amount of instruments on stage, all filed under 'electronics' and a microphone for some kind of overtone singing. Not this concert, but three others were moulded into one forty-two minute piece of music, which is on the release 'Tryakusta', all from july last year. Lunar Abyss Deus Organum has that sort of sound that ties ambient and industrial firmly together: many layers of electronic sounds, a sort of overtone singing and field recordings. Once the mighty wheel is in motion, this goes on and on, in a positive manner. A full on drone sound
that lasts for the entire forty two minutes. Maybe we hear three concerts at once I thought. Quite a refined work." [FdW/Vital Weekly]