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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Waystyx Records WR 69
Release Year: 2010
Note: new material rec. 2010 / lim. 324 special package
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.50

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"New album of Illusion Of Safety was recorded preliminary with piano, guitar, electronics and sound processing devices. Abstract tonal and atonal improvisations share the sonic continuum with background drones, rasps and gentle noises, and they do it in highly unpredictable surreal way: mild "melodies" turn into energetic uneasy passages being interrupted by "concrete" sonic romp evolving into spatial drone and electronic landscapes... and all this whirl continues during the whole CD increasing the degree of abstractness and psychedelia as it moves towards the end, which is presented in a form of beautiful harmonic composition." [Zhelezobeton]

"Its is hardly a secret: since about twenty-five years I am a big fan of Illusion Of Safety, following them since their cassette releases, through vinyl, CDs and now, oddly perhaps, cassettes again. But there are still CDs, such as the lovely packed 'Bridges Intact' on Russia's Waystyx Records, who certainly have a reputation to keep up in the packaging department. It surely beats me why the website seems to be in Russian only, perhaps its some conceptual stance? Illusion Of Safety's core member is Dan(iel) Burke since the start, but has included fifteen other people, of which Jim O'Rourke is no doubt the best known one. Here, on this new CD, old member Thymme Jones appears on three tracks as well as guitar player Ben Vida on one. Musically Illusion Of Safety can be all over the place, although the most recent work is usually quite a bit based in the realms of improvised music. That is evident on 'Bridges Intact'. The pieces recorded with Jones show this love of improvisation, with
duets for guitar and piano, as well as a fine mixture of acoustic and synthetic sounds. At first one might think this is all an improvised record, but when the third piece, 'Special Passing', kicks in we know we arrived in the field of music we know and love Illusion Of Safety for: a delicate combination of musique concrete, electro-acoustics, improvisations for instruments, ambient passages, field recordings and electronic music. All put together in a great way. Sometimes all in one piece, and sometimes one piece is just one thing, such as the ambient crackling of static charges in 'Forgotten Baggage', with bits of field recordings at the start. Again an excellent release by one of the greatest talents for this kind of music. This isn't as high up on my list of favorites as say 'Probe', but its not far away." [FdW/Vital Weekly]