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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Omnempathy / ICR OMIC1
Release Year: 2010
Note: collaboration album between the long time NURSE WITH WOUND producer / live-member, and MICHAEL BEGG known from HUMAN GREED & FOVEA HEX... "...lengthy sets of eerie, flowing music. Slow, minimalist changes of glacier like moving masses.." [Vital Weekly] - BACK IN STOCK
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"Two members from Fovea Hex, but also from Nurse With Wound and Monos (Potter) and Human Greed (Begg) were commissioned to perform a work by Unique Events in Edinburgh in December 2009 in the St Giles Cathedral. Both sets of the night are captured on these two discs, whereas on the third disc, a limited CDR (120 copies) there is material that was featured between both and recorded earlier. If you know Potter's work with Monos, Fovea Hex or solo, then you know what to look for in this collaboration: dark atmospheric music. They use laptops, effects and guitars and create lengthy sets of eerie, flowing music. Slow, minimalist changes of glacier like moving masses. Well over three hours of this kind of music is obviously a long sit through, but this is of course the kind of music that needs its time to develop. Potter and Begg keep the idea of playing in cathedral in mind, by using a bit more of that kind of church organ like sounds. A great work indeed. The bonus disc is the one that seems to have the most silent music of the three, which would be either a good start or good contemplative ending. One could argue, like so many of the current drone works around, that this isn't much news, but as always Potter is one of the masters of the genre, and this release is easily one of his best." [FdW / Vital Weekly - review for the lim. version with bonus CDR - please note we can only offer the standard doCD now!]