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NILSEN, BJ [BJ NILSEN] - Invisible City

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Touch TO:77
Release Year: 2010
Note: mixing field recordings & instrumental sources; guest musician: HILDUR I. GUDNADOTTIR
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"BJ Nilsen gehört schon seit langem zum Artist Roster des englischen Labels Touch und hat sich auf dem Gebiet der field recordings einen Namen gemacht. Mit seinen Vorgängeralben ,Fade to White" und ,A Short Night" wusste der Schwede Kritiker zu überzeugen und hat daneben auch mit dem führenden UK-Soundtüftler Chris Wattson und der isländischen Cellistin Hildur Gudnadottir zusammengearbeitet. Sein neues Werk ,The Invisible City" vereint wieder field recordings mit elektrischen Klängen, wobei er sich auf die Übergänge zwischen Natur und Menschen konzentriert - und diesmal auch Technologien einbezieht. Zusätzlich kommen akustische Instrumente wie Cello, Gitarre oder Orgel zum Einsatz. Entstanden ist ein dunkles, hypnotisierendes Werk mit spannenden Soundstrukturen. Die Außenaufnahmen entstanden in Schweden, Island, Norwegen, UK, Japan, Portugal und Schweden. www.myspace.com/bjnilsen"
[label info / Cargo]
"Recorded and Mixed during 2008-2009 in Berlin.
All tracks composed by BJNilsen using Tape Recorders, Computer, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Electronics, Viola, Subharchord. Field recordings from; Sweden, Iceland, Norway, UK, Japan, Portugal and Germany. The Subharchord was recorded in the EAM Studio @ Adk, Berlin. Viola played by Hildur I. Gudnadottir." [label info]


"By now BJ Nilsen (or rather BJNilsen) is a mainstay on the Touch label. He is not a man of many words, or big concepts. I am not sure what the title 'The Invisible City' refers to, but it does have a detailed list of all of his sound sources per piece. Its an interesting read of 'amplified chair dragged across floor, window shutters, steel whistle coffeepot, dead trees leaning against each other, train, footsteps in snow, crows, rain' but also acoustic guitar feedback, tapeloops of found sounds, pitch regulated viola, B&K Sine Random Generator Type 1204, virtual Hammond Organ and such like. The titles of his pieces do not give away much either: 'Gravity Station', 'Phase And Amplitude', 'Scientia', 'Virtual Resistance', 'Meter Reading', 'Into Its Coloured Rays', 'Gradient' and the title piece. If necessary at all, one could consider Nilsen to be part of the crowded scene of people who create atmospheric, drone based music through all sorts of means, but at the end of the chain there is always the computer: all pieces list 'various DSP' at the end. That renders some of the sounds, if not all, beyond recognition. As said this music is highly atmospheric and finds its origin in drone music. This is a fine disc, don't get me wrong. There is some excellent music on here, that is at times more daring then the usual 'field recordings and drone music', with some nasty frequencies here and there, and some sudden changes. That is what sets BJNilsen apart from many of his peers. But somehow I also had the impression that 'heard it already' is also part of this. It seems to me that BJNilsen created some fine work which is already in his line of work, rather than making the next move. That perhaps is the only downside to this release. If you are not familiar with his work, then this is good release to get to know his work, and perhaps if you can never get enough, then this will proof no disappointment either. An absolute great disc." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

Address: http://www.touchmusic.org.uk