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CONCERN - Truth and Distance

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Digitalis ACE027
Release Year: 2009
Note: first fabric pressed album by this US artist, creating wonderful drones based on acoustic sources; recommended!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Neue Drone-Entdeckung aus den Staaten! Nah-Klnge & Vibrationen diverser Instrumente wie Zither, Klarinette, Horn oder Posaune werden mit Kontaktmikros aufgefangen und in obertnreiche, polyphone und recht rauhe Klangfelder transformiert. Drei Stcke mit sehr lebendigen, erhabenen Drones in verschiedenen Frbugen sorgen hier fr sonores Entzcken! Zum entdecken !

"...Essential listening for the drone inclined, and any one into Tim Hecker, Aidan Baker, Fennesz, Belong and the like might just have
a new favorite record." [Aquarius Rec]

"Also Gordon Ashworth, also known as Concern, is a new name for me, who delivers three pieces on his 'Truth & Distance' release, which are alike Darwinsbitch in the field of drone music. He uses zither, lap harp, mbira, banjo, piano, clarinet, alto horn, trombone, accordion and lots of reverb. His instruments are scanned with vibrating objects in order to create overtones and it makes this almost a modern classical release. Somewhere in between music for an installation and Phill Niblock, I'd say. This is more the territory where things are on endless sustain, but perhaps due to the variety of sources and the relative shortness of the pieces things don't leap into static, but are vibrating, changing throughout its minimalist approach to keep things fascinating. Ashworth has plenty of skills to deliver three fine pieces. Not a second too long, not a minute too short. Very nice work." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

"Gordon Ashworth is Concern and this is his manifesto. Truth & Distance is a mini-epic, a minor masterpiece. Within these sonic walls lies a stunning landscape, adrift in golden tones and silver siren songs. Ashworth creates beautiful, shimmering music that defies categorization. It stands on its own, droning away into the furthest reaches of the night. Using only acoustic instrumentation, Ashworth conceives pieces of music in which resonance and timbre mutate and in the air and unfold naturally, organically. Hints of piano glisten like night shadows whispering through the leaves. Strings are bowed and plucked into oblivion. Everything is turned into a pile of reverb. Everyone is a ghost. Concern will shine a light on it all. Truth & Distance indeed. It's all coming up roses this time. Co-released with Iatrogenesis. Packaged in custom-designed silkscreened gatefolds by Seizure Palace."
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