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BRUME - The Sun + The Moon

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Elsie and Jack Recordings 18 + 19
Release Year: 2009
Note: re-issue of the old MC from 1990 (incl. two bonus tracks) plus one full CD of NEW recordings made 2009 ("The Moon") !! Very special cover-artwork, diverse inlays, numbered edition of 671 copies
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Eine weitere*, anders gemasterte Version von THE SUN (im Original MC von 1990, aufgenommen 1989) inkl. 2 Bonus-Tracks, plus einem vollstndigen weiteren Album mit NEUEM Material, welches jetzt 20 Jahre spter und 40 Jahre nach der Apollo-Mission als THE MOON den spten Gegenspieler zu THE SUN darstellt... die alten Aufnahmen sind eine Art rauher Ethno-Industrial, wie ihn wohl so nur BRUME kreieren konnte, die neue Re-Inkarnation zeigt ihn weitaus ambienter & droniger, aber nicht weniger erstklassig! Kommt in spezieller Cover-Artwork, mit diversen Inlays, etc. 671 Kopien!
(*nachdem es mit der von OLD EUROPA CAFE herausgegebenen THE SUN re-issue Probleme mit der Form des End-Mastering gegeben hatte und C. RENOU dieses nicht akzeptierte.. somit gibt es jetzt ZWEI verschiedene Versionen von THE SUN auf CD !)

"In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, elsie and jack presents two recordings - an old one and a new one - by the French artist BRUME: "The Sun" and "The Moon". "The Sun" is a remastered release of one of his early cassette pieces, originally recorded in 1989/1990 and issued on the Italian label OLD EUROPA CAFE, plus two bonus tracks from the same period. "The Moon" includes unreleased material, recorded in March and April 2009, 4 solo tracks, 7 in collaboration with other musicians. "The Sun" contains 12 tracks/70 mns of ritual & experimental music with many ethnic sounds, hypnotic rhythms, tape-voices and cut-ups while "The Moon" offers 11 pieces of Musique concrte (68 mns), quieter and more ambient than "The Sun". Both CD's come in full-colour cardboard covers with several inserts, all housed in a special deluxe foldout sleeve. Limited handnumbered edition of 671 copies." [label info]

"... 'The Sun', the old work, is Brume is great form. Never a silent moment music, as I used to call it back then. Banging on metal percussion, blowing plastic pipes and all that mixed with tapes of his own making and feeding it through electronics in a thorough musique concrete like manner, making this a fine work, but at seventy-seven minutes also one that takes a lot of your energy. 'The Moon' is Renou updated - older and wiser, perhaps? Quieter for sure. His music has more space here, the room for sounds to develop, flourish and die out and not every inch of the tape has been filled with music. The other difference is that the music is sometimes a bit more stretched out, more drone and and ambient like. Especially the six pieces with Monera are very quieter and very spacious, like the good old cosmic music. This is actually the highlight of the package for me. 'The Sun' is fine, but a bit much, 'The Moon' is also long, but works well throughout." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

"One of the unsung heroes of the cassette underground, Christian Renou aka Brume has been plying his trade in the quiet Parisian suburb of Villiers sur Marne for nearly a quarter of a century now, building up an impressive body of post-Industrial musique concrte and releasing it to the world in lovingly curated limited edition releases which quickly vanish, like the mist of his adopted pseudonym. So it was with The Sun, which dropped out of sight shortly after its (C60 cassette-only) release on Old Europa Cafe back in 1990; coming across it now, gloriously remastered and beautifully packaged on the bijou Anglo-American Elsie and Jack imprint, is as thrilling as, well, discovery a new sun.
The companion album, The Moon, a "sci-fi story based on the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission", dates from 2009, and its beauty is simply stunning - disturbing at times, haunted by the throb and gristle of an Industrial past, contemplative at others, spacious but never spaced out. Like fellow travellers in the world of alt electronica - Lionel Marchetti, Matt Waldron and Steven Stapleton all come to mind - Renou has a great ear for arresting sonorities, and the good sense to trust it when putting them together. Hidden in the undergrowth beneath the luxuriant canopy or iridescent drones are hundreds of tiny, crackling, clicking soundfiles, patiently processed and sequenced with consummate precision.
The Sun is a more eclectic affair, shot through with cheap synths, darboukas and bone trumpets, peppered with radio samples, disembodied voices and passing ambulance sirens en route to invisible emergencies elsewhere. In its ebullient juxtaposition of the banal and bizarre, it's a distant cousin of Jacques Berrocal's Musiq Musik and Ghdalia Tararts's Transports - and dedicated punters who spent time and money tracking down those albums, along with others on the mythic Nurse list, would do well to seek this out before it dips once more below the horizon." [Dan Warburton, THE WIRE]