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Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-06
Release Year: 1994
Warning: The album is sold out!

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released in August 1994 in an edition of 200 copies on light blue vinyl. Each Cover had a different coloured spiral on the front. The vinyl-labels were white stamped with the drone logo and a brain-stamp.

Press-information: "If there was ever something that could be called 'spacious' then it must be ABNER MALATY! This totally unknown musician from Indiana, USA, does a kind of mystic noise that is alien and surreal, complex and energetic. It seems to us that ABNERS view goes far beyond the earth, into cosmos or even further. It's a kind of dynamic quality that makes ABNER MALATY so unique... it's intuitive, intentional-made sound without any pathetic emotional outburst. So far, there are only existing a few limited tapes of this unconventional and original artist, this 4-track-E.P. is the very first vinyl. Exorbitant music for exorbitant people! YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF SOUND? THEN YOU SHOULD INTRODUCE YOUR MIND TO THIS OUTER SPACE RIDE! Mutate again Ц double check."