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BIG CITY ORCHESTRA - A Childs guarden of noize

Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-04
Release Year: 1994
Warning: The album is sold out!

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released in May 1994 in an edition of 200 copies, in ultra-handmade covers, on clear vinyl. Each cover had on one side a painting / drawing by a child, on the other a unique work of "rubbeled" letters and symbols by BCO.

second ed. of 300 copies on yellow vinyl in red on yellow (printed) covers & inlays appeared in July 1996.

press-information (first ed.):
"Legendary cassette-ensemble BIDFE CITTY ARDSERTYA from Nothern California release their first ever vinyl. Perhaps to become one of the most obscure pieces on vinyl ever. The theme of this unbelievable 5-track-E.P. is KIDS MAKING NOISE. Found on side one is a strange lecture about NOISE in the vein of BED CTY ORKSTAS sound effects library (which can be found on their three CD's); it will rotate your mind. Side two will even confuse you more with a collection of bizarre kids songs that will push you backwards in your evolution! Be a child again, open your mind to childrens' noisey worlds! Noise specially formatted for sensitive ears. Mastered with extra deep grooves to keep the stylus from flying out during the louder bits. WARNING: DANGEROUS FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE NOISE OR CILDREN!
" This will not just surprise you, this will maybe de-condition your brain!" (Baraka[H])"

Later Note on artist: BCO are still active, and in the meantime they have out several more CDs, and an amazing 7" in a grass-cover! They still do cassette-releases also. I loved them when I discovered their obscure cassettes from the 80'es, a real dimension of their own. Back in 1993, when DAS, the head and organizer of the orchestra, sent me the DAT for the E.P., I was really some kind of "shocked" about the material. This was not what I expected ( I expected some long droney loops as they did so often on their old cassettes)... on the other hand, it was so extremely unique and worth listening (with the concept of kids really doing the music), that I could do no other and release it on Drone. I still think it's one of the most bizarre 7"es ever released. (BarakaH, Nov. 1998)