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Butugichag / Бутугычаг CD Ksenza Records KSZ 001 second album for this Siberian experimental ambient project, evoking icy aural narrative images of a Soviet Labour Camp called KOLYMA... multi-layered drone rays mixed with field recordings from Sibera, mechanic noises from scraping metals, dark choirs & menacing waves, cold Siberian winds, and harmonies of grief at the ending.. to discover for "cinematic dark ambient" fans ! 2015 €12.00
Siberian Sketches CD Ksenza Records KSZ 014 extended re-edition of the first album for this promising Siberian dark ambient/drone/folk project (see also: ALGOL), now with new versions and one bonus track; dedicated to Russian artist CONSTANTINE VASILIEV and influenced by Russian folklore and Siberian landscapes, this uses samples from Sretensky Moscow and Sveshnikova Choirs and field recordings to complete the vision..."a rain-drenched blanket that wraps around the listener like a waterproofed pelt" [a closer listen] 2016 €12.00