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Pianoguitar CD Staalplaat STCD 73 after the recently released unique sounding "Sulphur" we can offer this (the only other available S.f.R. CD at the moment) for a special price: genre-crossing abstract / free anti-muzak, performed on homemade instruments & objects & electronics without sounding just improvised or accidental, full of surprising arrangements... contains 26 tracks that are all named after phrases appearing in musical buisness contracts; a lovely weird & demanding album that still doesn't sound outdated after so many years !! 1995 €10.00
Sulphur Spring CD Klanggalerie gg190 this legendary German "uncategorizable experimental music" group (who never use electronic sounds) is back and they still surprise & challenge like almost no one else - most tracks are based on heavy organ sounds & expressive female (Italian) vocalizing, along with fireworks, bubbling water,instrumental & object sounds, continually changing & but never reminding on any known standards; really avantgardish, a masterpiece that is not always easy to stand! 2014 €15.00