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Andrea Belfi, Aidan Baker, Erik Skodvin

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Brick Mask CD Miasmah MIACD022 new project of AIDAN BAKER (NADJA), ERIK SKODVIN (SVARTE GREINER) and ANDREA BELFI with first release; improvised dark drone jazz (guitar, drums, percussion, electronics) that sounds rather out-composed 2013 €15.00
Palace do-LP Miasmah MIALP033 the improvisational effort of AIDAN BAKER (guitar, bass, flute, voice), ERIK SKODVIN (guitar, voilin, piano) and ANDREA BELFI (drums, percussion, electronics) with their third proper album - on 10 long tracks they meander between most spacious Jazz- & Post-Rock structures and dark droning amorphization... lim. 500 gatefold-cover 2016 €24.50