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Shining of Unity CD Moonsun Productions MS005 first full release of new project by former VRESNIT with different approach, drifting transpersonal drone ambience, very warm & shining, for pure contemplation/meditation, perfect if you like ALIO DIE or MATHIAS GRASSOW... lim. 300 in very special cardboard cover with colourful "flourescence" art.... feat. NEZNAMO & KSHATRIY as guests musicians 2012 €13.00
Homo Multidimensional CD Moonsun Productions M008 glittering Sun drones! ~~ spiritual 'human transformation' ambience, deeply influenced by transpersonal psychology theories; 2nd full length album by this Russian project (ex VETVEI), these uplifting & completely floating ether-drones seem to be derived from effected instruments (flutes, etc.), voices and electronics... somewhere between VOICE OF EYE and OPHOI maybe; comes in fluorescent 6-panel cardboard cover 2013 €13.00
Mystery of Life CD Moonsun Productions ? MS010 / Frozen Light ? FZL 045 third album by this Russian "gleam ambient" project, a duo with members from VRESNIT and NEZNAMO; almost 80 minutes of warm and suspended ethno- / world- ambience, using guitars, electronics, flutes, voices, sitar, field recordings and found sounds, dedicated to the mystery and life and the awakening of the consciousness... lim. 300 2016 €12.00