Drone Records
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same CD Insample # 1 we got few copies of this very first BCM-CD-album (6 tracks), pressed in an edition of 550 copies, housed in a 7" cover, NZ-import ! Very rare & hard to find !! 1997 €15.00
Crestfallen 7inch Killer Records 008 looking for the perfect drone? - the A-Side of this B.C.M-7" sounds so dense, full-bodied, time & space-expanding, whereas Side B has more minimal concrete/scratch elements.. great EP in Norwegians Killer Rec, back in stock !! 2002 €6.00
Seventh ruined hex CD Important Records IMPREC 169 features MATTHEW BOWER (SUNROOF! SKULLFLOWER etc) 2007 €13.00