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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Genetic Implosion CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 029 re-press now available (recorded live at the Nursery Injection Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, on 20th June of 1998) 2000 €12.00
Fixation CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 072 re-press now available; great album of harsh hypnotism 2005 €12.00
Pariah Demise CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 006-II re-release of 1995 album with bonus material ! 2005 €12.00
This is my own Hell CD Reverse Alignment RA-6 / Existence Establishment EEXI "In God we do not trust" - the (so far) last album by the project of PETER ANDERSSON (RAISON D'ETRE) and TOBIAS LARSSON with extremely dark & doomy apocalyptic noise industrial, has great atmospheric passages full of tension but also powerful explosive moments... masterrful existentialist noise! 8 tracks, 60+ min. 2008 €12.00
Pain Implantations CD Old Europa Cafe OECD118 re-issue of 2nd album from 1998 (Malignant Records) for the project of PETER ANDERSON (RAISON D'ETRE, etc.) and TOBIAS LARSSON; two bonus tracks, re-mastered material, new artwork 2009 €13.00