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Lieux inou´s CD Empreintes Digitales IMED 9802 pieces from 1985-1989 by the phantastic Canadian composer, who establised a very atmospheric style, using many choirs, etc.. intense and overwhelming ! back in stock! 1998 €13.50
Clair de Terre CD Empreintes Digitales IMED 0157 three epic works from this great atmospheric electro-acoustic composer: MALINA (2000, 15 min.), based on the novel from Ingeborg Bachmann and using a ôShakuhachiö, ERINYES (2001, 20 min.), in which he tries to ôbring out the primitive nature of the voiceö, and CLAIR DE TERRE (1999, 36 min.). Again, very suspenseful, border-crossing compositions... 2001 €13.50
Palimpsestes CD Empreintes Digitales IMED 12116 five new works collected over the last 7 years by the Canadian master of electroacoustic music, incl. the great dark PALINDROME, or the graceful ANADLIAD which is based on Welsh folk/wind instrument tunes.. a must for anyone who like atmospheric, dynamic music, and the perfect start into the electroacoustic domain if you're new to it !! 2012 €13.00
D˘mes CD Empreintes Digitales IMED 14128 five phantastic pieces (created 2005-2014) by the Canadian electro-acoustic master, who is focused on acousmatic music (sound sources are not identifiable) and the aim to create a "cinema for the ear" .... working on the 'Onomatopeia' of the human voice, theatre-music for stagings of BRIGITTE HAENTJENS, or a piece for the 'loudspeaker dome' of the ZKM in Karlsruhe using field recordings of the town, this are complex & meaningful compositions with great atmosphere & intensity!! highly recommended!! 2014 €14.00