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NAMBLARD, MARC - Chants of frozen Lakes

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kalerne Editions KAL01 / Atelier Hui-Kan
Release Year: 2008
Note: "the acoustic resonances of a frozen lake"; promising first release on the new label of YANNICK DAUBY
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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In eine faszinierende Klangwelt taucht man auf diesem One-tracker von MARC NAMBLARD ein, der die irgendwie zwitschernden, fast peitschend-perkussiven Sounds eines gefrorenen Sees aufgenommen hat, die wahrscheinlich durch Luftdruck- und Wrmevernderungen im Eis und in der Atmosphre entstehen. Auf dem Stck werden verschiedene Phasen dieses Phnomens deutlich, bis hin zum Auseinanderbrechen des Eises, so dass mitunter wirklich der Eindruck eines "singenden Sees" entsteht...
Ausser einer zeitlichen "Komprimierung" des Sound-Materials wurden aber keine Effektierungen der Originalaufnahmen vorgenommen.
Auergewhnlich & von unwirklicher Schnheit!

"...The sounds here, like many of the other field recordings we are so fond of, sound NOTHING like what you would imagine ice would sound like. Apparently, the layer of ice on the lake, acts like the head of a drum, transmitting the various cracks and crackles and vibrations across the expansive sheet of ice, producing strange tones, some very electronic sounding, all of them mysterious.
This record was woven together the sounds of the ice covered lake on a single day. Hours of recordings edited into one hour, but no other work has been done on these sounds, this is the actual sound of the ice. It begins with the sound of birds, the ice producing tiny little streaks of sound, that do sound like synthesizers, strange space-y FX, suspended in an expanse of murky murmur. The intensity and the frequency of those space-y streaks increases as the day warms up and the ice begins to fracture and melt, the barrage of bleeps and bloops begin to sound like a Star Wars laser battle, and sound like it couldn't possibly be the sound of ice. Eventually, the laser like streaks get deeper, and more resonant, as if someone was adding reverb or delay, until it's just a cloud of fuzzy bleeps and warbly tweets, underpinned by the actual staticky crackle of the ice cracking.
It's hard to explain much better than that, try listening to the sound samples, you will be amazed. It truly is a rare glimpse of some impossible and mysterious soundworld. A peek into how nature works, or at the very least, a chance to overhear the magic of nature, the sounds the exist in the wild, even if most of the time we're unable to hear them. Magical."" [Aquarius Records review]