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SITAAR-TAH! - Semimimimimin

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: aRCHIVE Recordings aRCHIVE32
Release Year: 2008
Note: latest release by this Japanese "SITAR-orchestra" with around 30 players (!), led by YOSHIDADAIKITI, who studied Sitar-playing with USTAD SHUJAAT KHAN => indian raga-structures with multi-layered percussion & sitar-sounds collide with raw throat singing with great effect! Lim. 700, silk-screen cover designed by STEPHEN O'MALLEY, last copies now !
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Ungewhnliche Ethno-Sounds auf ARCHIVE, dem Label aus New Jersey. SITAAR-TAH! ist ein asiatisches 22kpfiges "Orchester" welches mit Sitar-, Tabla- und rauhen Obertongesangklngen in den Hyper-Trance & Ekstasen-Raum vorstsst...

"Orchestra that provided the amazing musical backdrop for Keiji Haino on the double disc archive release Animamima. The 22 piece unit is back with this swarm of locus gem of a release. Graphic and design work on the release by Stephen OMalley features an outer cover that is a four color silkscreen, beautifully executed by Alan Sherry of Siwa records. Inside is a gorgeous photographic collage. Pressing of 700 copies." [label info]

"...a single 43 minute ascension this time featuring featuring a khoomei/Tuvan throat singer, and hoo boy, it does not disappoint. The group's sound swells gently to locust-swarm proportions, all the while featuring pulsating percussion and recurring raga-esque motifs while holding down more of a modern groove. Despite the sheer magnitude of the group and its sound, the piece never really gets aggressive; rather, its insistence continually rises, ebbs, and spirals upward to a liftoff which begins about two-thirds into the piece, when the throat singing begins and slowly but surely pushes things both upward AND forward." [Downtownmusicgallery]