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NULL, K.K. - BaryoGenesis

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Vivo Records vivo0312007cd
Release Year: 2007
Note: Live recorded in Berlin, Firenze, Milano & Tokyo in October-November 2006, including live remix version of "Fertile" and unreleased brand new tracks.
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"the album opens up with the sound of insects & birds which i recorded live at wetland in Kakadu National park in Australia, that symbolizes organic life/organism (including our human bodies) composed of baryons. then, abstruct electronic noise overlaps them and takes you into a journey through deep inner and far outer spaces at any scales. however, you don't have to care about what i say here, just i hope this music inspires you as much as it does myself, and enjoy with your open mind and free imagination!! technical note : all the music on this album was basically composed and
created in my home studio and it was performed live along with some improvized processing, playing a synthesizer and my voice on top of that." [KK Null]

"KK Null would have been king of noise if Merzbow wouldn't be on the throne. Ever since his work with ANP and Zeni Geva he loves to work with the raw end of music and sound, which has become increasingly more abstract and less rock based than say in his Zeni Geva days. Unlike Merzbow there is a stronger rhythmic component in his music which forms the backbone of his music. It's however not a rhythm of stomping kind, techno like or any such like, but more the repeated action of highly splintered sound fragments, which are looped. On top KK Null plays a brand of harsher noise textures of freaked out psychedelic electronics. Other than Merzbow - again - KK Null's sound is much more detailed and clearer, even in the endless stream of information that his music is. Four strong heavy blasts of noise, and the tracks are pretty long, but in order to get this music working right, it only seems natural to give it such a length. Here too we can wonder about the progress of the music, since it's certainly not Null's first CD, but with a discography that is considerable smaller than Merzbow's that is hardly a problem." [FdW/Vital Weekly]

label-website: www.vivo.pl