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NURSE WITH WOUND - Gyllenskld, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg's

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: United Jnana uj399
Release Year: 2007
Note: digipack re-issue of album from 1983 (12" on the legendary LAYLAH Anti-Records label) with collaborators DAVID TIBET, DIANA ROGERSON, CLINT RUIN & ROMAN JUGG, contains also the re-worked CD version from 1993
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"...At Rydberg's". This early NURSE WITH WOUND album, remastered and packaged in a digipack, contains all three tracks from the original vinyl version ("Several Odd Moments Prior to Lunch," "Phenomenon of Aquarium and Bearded Lady," "Dirty Fingernails"), as well as their re-workings ("Odd," "Aquarium," "Dirty Fingernails") which later appeared on the CD Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven. The record, first released in 1983, features one of Nurse With Wound's earliest collaborations with DAVID TIBET of CURRENT 93. The album title is a reference to Swedish authors Vilhelm Carlheim-Gyllenskoeld, Gustaf af Geijerstam, and Viktor Rydberg." [label info]

"Another mighty reissue of audio irritation (meant in the best possible way of course!) from Nurse With Wound. This CD with its guttural yet slippery title has been through the reissue campaign more times than we really need to mention, but we will say that the original 12" was released back in 1984 through L.A.Y.L.A.H. At that time, Steven Stapleton had just begun working with David Tibet in Current 93, and thus Stapleton invited Tibet to contribute some of his vocal growling to the Nurse cause, although the Tibet material on Gyllenskold could simply be out-take material from the Current 93 material of the day (Nature Unveilled); and it's vintage Tibet snarling through a series of devilish words which Stapleton twists even more so with his inimitable talents in the studio. Splattered throughout the phlegmatic collage are volatile transmissions of piercing noise, rhythmic metallic scrapes amassing into a seasick chorale of polyphonic alarm sires, banged gongs which rippled with varispeed warble, and blurting horns that could be sampled from some bloodcurdling Morricone soundtrack and mangled into something even more uncomfortable. As with much of the Nurse material from the early '80s, there's plenty of sounds that had become recurring elements for Stapleton, and this album is no exception. Stapleton's exceptional hand with a razor and a piece of tape certainly makes this, like many of his recordings, seminal avant-garde listening." [Aquarius Records review]