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SUNN O))) - Oracle

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Southern Lord sunn77
Release Year: 2007
Note: two long tracks in collab with NYC-sculptor BANKS VIOLETTE, only available on vinyl! 180gr pressings, gatefold-cover, thick printed innersleeves, greatly designed! (only black vinyl available).
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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Vinyl-only Verffentlichung mit zwei Stcken, die fr eine live-performance mit dem New Yorker Knstler Banks Violette entstanden...
herrlicher dark drone-Morast umfngt einen hier, sehr schn & fast elegant sonor der Beginn, bevor sich der Flster- & Krchz-Gesang von ATTILA CSIHAR breitmacht (als Gesang kaum zu identifizieren), dazu die Sounds eines Presslufthammers (?), weitere Ritual-Chorle,
rauschendes Metall & Gongartiges, auf Seite 2 kommen die SUNN O))) - typischen tiefbassigen Gitarren-Riff Strukturen zum Einsatz...
insgesamt bleibt es im rituellen & grottigen dark-drone Bereich, zwei fantastische Stcke! Bisher nur auf Vinyl erhltlich, Edel-Klappcover, schweres Vinyl!

"...Imagine a sealed white room, an otherwise-empty space with the cowled-in-black SUNNO))) set up on black risers, their massive backline of amplification and instruments also duplicated as full- scale frozen white sculptures manufactured of cast resin and salt by NYC artist Banks Violette. Entombed within, the band plays alone to no audience, the massive resonation of their sub-sonic prayers self- referentially worshipful, a cosmos unto itself. This LP contains music written as the soundtrack to such a performance, which took place at a gallery in London, England in June of 2005. These actual recordings, though, were studio-recorded in 2006 and feature the core
SUNNO))) duo of Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley joined by guests Atsuo (of Boris), Joe Preston (of Thrones), and Hungarian black metal icon Attila Csihar (of Mayhem). There's two side-long tracks: "Belulrol Pusztit" is a creepily quiet, hushed ceremony, Attila's
whispering reptilian rasp met with rattlings and rumblings, hinting at the waves of distortion and feedback to be unleashed on the
louder, heavier Skullflowering of "Orakulum"... DOOM!!" [Aquarius Records]