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RODEN, STEVE - Transmissions (voices of objects and skies)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: New Plastic Music mpib8
Release Year: 2006
Note: lovely drones from an incredible sound-installation!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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One-tracker mit einem superben, langsam wallenden Granular-Drone, sehr minimal und microsound-versetzt, Installationsmusik fьr eine von RODENS bemerkenswerten Galerie-SoundArt-Arbeiten...

"Transmissions (voices of objects and skies) was created for the exhibition transmissions from space at the fresno metropolitan museum. The entire body of work included sound, painting, drawing, and sculpture - everything inspired by John Glenn's first transmission from space, as well as Rimbaud's poem 'vowels' in which each vowel is given a color equivalent. The sound installation consisted of 102 color coded tin cans hanging in a dark room - one for each vowel in glenn's text. 64 of the cans contained small audio speakers playing an 8 channel soundwork, while other cans contained small 4 watt colored lightbulbs. The source material was recordings of satellites by amateur astronomers from the 1960's through the 1980's. These sounds have been processed and transformed electronically. The cd contains a stereo version of the installation that was re-worked for home listening and regular stereo speakers. The image below was drawn by a young artist named Nancy Alcaraz of the installation and is featured on the back cover of the cd package." [press release]

"Scores for sound installations often have a way of not really translating when heard outside of the installation. Steve Roden is
one of the few sound artists who has perfected the balancing act of creating a sublime sonic experience through his installation work
which also translates equally as well on disc. Transmissions (Voices Of Objects And Skies) was originally commissioned by the Fresno Art
Museum, and found Roden creating a metonymic environment that bridged childhood wonder with the rough technologies of tin-can telephones and daydreams of space travel and NASA. The installation itself was an 8 channel sound piece spread over 64 speakers which were all mounted within tin cans and suspended from the ceiling alongside countless other tin cans that housed low wattage colored light bulbs, creating a fantastic chandelier of muted light that was perfect for the delicate compositions. Roden states in the liner notes that the
source material for the album was recordings of satellites by amateur astronomers from the 1960s through the 1980s; and through Roden's
impeccable reductivist filtering and manipulation, he arrives at a slow-motion collage of electronic bleeps which might have more in common with a distantly flickering flute than anything electric in origin. Nevertheless, Roden turns these sounds into looping lullabies and subtle declinations of sound. It's one of the best pieces we've
heard from Roden and is certainly recommended!" [Aquarius Records]