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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Allquestions AQ-03
Release Year: 2002
Note: this classic ensemble from Berlin performs two DUNCAN pieces - massive & surreal dark & noise drones, fantastic stuff!! lim. 1000
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Das experimentelle Berliner Impro-Ensemble ZEITKRATZER spielt zwei Stcke (NAV-FLEX und TRINITY) von JOHN DUNCAN. Entstanden sind in 10kpfiger Besetzung zwei spannend-schwelende Stcke organischen Noises, die kaum an die eingesetzen Instrumente (Saxophon, Trompete, Tuba, Violine, Cello, Bass, Klavier, Akkordeon, Percussion, Electronics) erinnern. Aufgenommen im PODEWIL zu Berlin, Mrz & Oktober 2001. Dark & surreal ambient mit heftigen Noise-Ausbrchen im zweiten Stck, alles auf klassischen Instrumenten groartig !!! Eine unserer Lieblings-CDs der letzten Zeit, unbedingte Empfehlung!!
ZEITKRATZER is an experimental / improvisational ensemble from Berlin using classical instruments, here they re-work two pieces of JOHN DUNCAN and create two great drone ambient pieces with lots of unusual sounds in it (but nearly nothing reminds on the original sound-sources), and very intense noisy parts in piece 2. One of our favourite CDs from the last time here at drone-headquarters, so we really recommend to check it out to ANY drone-lover !! [Drone Rec. 2002]

zeitkratzer began in 1997 and quickly gained international respect for their versatility in transforming a variety of music, including electronic and electroacoustic works, into performances for instruments normally reserved for traditional orchestra. zeitkratzer has recently performed works by Masami Akita, Zbigniew Karkowski, Christina Kubisch, Francisco Lpez, Phill Niblock, Lou Reed, Elliott Sharp, James Tenny, including feature concerts in Venice, Italy, of Metal Machine Music and a night of Phill Niblock works with the composers in attendance. zeitkratzer is based in Berlin, where this innovative ensemble finds a solid base with continued support from Akademie der Knste academy of arts, Podewil and other institutions. [press release]