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VON HAUSSWOLFF, C.M. (CARL MICHAEL) - The wonderful World of male Intuition

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ORAL CD 10
Release Year: 2006
Note: very experimental & lovely work using quotes from DALAI LAMA, GREGORY BATESON, JOHN C.LILLY, ALBERT HOFMANN, BRION GYSIN, etc. mixed with sine-waves and ghost sounds
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Wieder ein herrlich absonderliches Werk des schwedischen Parapsycho-Soundwerkers: Sinuston-drones & -tunes in verschiedenen Ausprgungen und verdeckte & verzerrte Zitate diverser berhmter Leute, die wie aus einer Geisterwelt zu uns sprechen, sind die Ingredienzen dieses Albums... VON HAUSSWOLFF ist wieder so weit vom Alltglichen das es eine wahre Freude ist !

'The wonderful world of male intuition is an astounding masterpiece dedicated to male intuition : all a program. It will be followed by a second opus later this year dealing with the Horrible sides of male intuition...' [label info]

"Probably the name Carl Micheal von Hauswolff doesn't need much introduction. His conceptually edged releases on labels as Sub Rosa, Touch and Raster Noton deal with such subjects as architecture and voices from beyond. Here 'The Wonderful World Of Male Intuition' is the subject. To shed some light on it, he uses sine wave oscillators, field recordings (sea, land, outer space) but also the voices of persons important as 'positive energies in a world that obviously is feasting on itself without knowing how to go to the toilet', being the Dalai Lama, Willem de Ridder, Gregory Bateson, Alvin Lucier, John C. Lilly, Albert Hofmann, Friedrich Jrgenon and Brion Gysin. Many of these voices are processed through the use of the sine waves, in some way or another, which makes the voices hard to understand, but of course that is not the intent anyway. Throughout the forty some minutes, I learned nothing much about the male intuition (if that exists at all), but purely as a work of sine waves and field recordings I must say that this is a particular strong work by Hausswolff. Not too overtly minimal, leaning on his sine waves, but it's the combination of all three components works quite well, the sine waves, field recordings and voices. It might perhaps even the best Hausswolff I ever heard (despite not having heard all, he admitted straight away)." (FdW / Vital Weekly]

Address: http://www.oral.qc.ca