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VERTONEN - Return of the Interrobang

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Crippled Intellect Productions CIPCD012
Release Year: 2004
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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VERTONEN gehört mittlerweile zu den interessantesten US–Elektro-Geräuschmusikern, tönt stets abwechslungsreich und überraschend. So auch hier, ein übergreifendes „Thema“ sind repetitive Klangstrukturen..... so gibt es ein langes welliges Drone-Stück, welches sich gut entwickelt; pumpende Sinustöne- und Gameboy-artige Sounds beim nächsten, repetitive Orgel-artige Loopmuster, Samples von lockerer Piano-Barmusik, etc. etc.

“Produced with support from a CAAP grant, this disc highlights three aspects of experimental audio I have been exploring over the past years: deep drone washes, throbbing, lurching activities, and manipulated turntables/vinyl.” [Vertonen] “Have seen a lot of Vertonen shows here in Chicago, bumped across a comp track or two, heard him on the radio twice, but this is surprisingly the first time I've sat down at home with a Vertonen release. So far the live stuff has come across as great loud deep-flow crash-sizzle, often with a nasty beat orientation wrecking through it, but on wax it's been unpredictable, softer but somehow heavier--and Return of the Interrobang surprises me further with deep glacial industrial dare-I-say-mellow textures. First track is a rather gorgeous and fairly soft (but thick) drone, not completely unlike something you'd hear from Birchville Cat Motel.... Great tones, glowing embers with doom undercurrents, packed with a sci-fi title: "Toroidal Circulation 1 & 2." (Never mind, I just looked it up and it's a science fact title.) Second track comes in with a hard beat, your basic urban alarm siren drill kind of thing, with mysterious sounds floating in the background, and it's pretty heavy, but ends up the most 'typical' track on the CD, because the remaining three, a trilogy called "The Medical Turntable Variations," are just lovely little subtle stumbling loop miniatures. I mean, sure, you can infer a creepy entropic 'broken machine' connotation with all three tracks, and the title of the third part, "Deplete To Ruination, The Wide Shift," is of course something scary to contemplate, and topical too: the ostensibly approaching era where dystopian science fiction becomes dystopian science fact. (There's that "it's not science fiction, it's science fact" thing again, he's good with that.) Possibly the loveliest of the three, but it does have a haunted piano thing going on...like, say, the haunted piano bar of a big-city luxury hotel in ruins, long abandoned by human life, now a bizarre gargantuan relic of the oil age...oh, and hey, what's an interrobang?! Is that science fiction or science fact?!—[Blastitude 18]