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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Pogus P21017-2
Release Year: 1998
Note: re-release of the long deleted Pogus LP from 1989, plus bonus-material! Ethno-tribal & droning pieces created with tablas, buzz chimes, and RUTMANs self build "Single String Steel Cello" & his Tibetan monk-like voice
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Wiederverffentlichung der vergriffenen Pogus-LP von 1989, sowie ein Bonus-Track "live in Berlin". Mit Tablas, "Buzz chimes", Rutmans "Single String Steel Cello", "Bow chime", Rutmans gurgelnder tiefer Mnchsstimme und einem tibetanischen Horn werden hier ethno-dronige & rhythmische Stcke improvisiert, die einen speziellen Zauber ausstrahlen!

This release reissues Robert Rutman's Pogus lp (P201-1) and includes an additional track. Rutman (b. 1930) has been building and performing on his homemade metallic instruments for many years. This recording features his buzz chime, steel cello, and bow chime, along with tabla, Tibetan horn, and Rutman's vocal chants. Rutman caresses the metal, drawing out eerie drones and overtones that buzz and trumpet. The music in turn can be as fragile as glass or reach the depths of resonance, as if one has just come upon singing whales at sea. Beautiful music and long overdue on cd. [label description]