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ROMULUS & REMUS - Zalmosis

Format: 10
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt039b
Release Year: 2003
Note: lim. 111 / silkscreen-covers / re-found copies of this deleted edition!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €22.00

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Collectors item trilogy part 2 ! Excellent tribal / ethno percussive trance-pieces with edges on this sec. part of the trilogy, silkscreened / woodcut covers & inlays.

Ed. of 111 numbered copies with a bonus coupon. Collect all 3 coupons and send them to R/R and receive a handmade object to hold all 3 releases. Audiophile vinyl packed in a tri-fold cover, signed and numbered. Part 3 of this trilogy will feature Markus Wolff (Crash Worship, Waldteufel). Romulus And Remus are no longer just for Rome. They have become modern dark facilitators for all. Where previously the whiley brothers paid homage to the moon goddess through last year's "Hekate" 10" (B-lRR mt039), they now make worshiping at the alter of the Death God easier and more affordable than ever. Rather than having to defer to the sticky mess of tossing some poor bloke on spear point to appease the ancient Thracian God-O-Death, Zalmosis, all you now need is a turntable and a copy of the new 10" and, by turns, the tides will be turned in your favour without the cleanup. While it certainly can be said that, like its predecessor "Hekate," "Zalmosis" has its bloody scythe lightly dipped in the halotosis of Muslimgauze, the unmistakable "Z" factor of this latest opus reeks of an absolutely distinct Romulus & Remus-ness. The hand percussion breaks are expertly woven into a sonic miasma that often sounds like the record player is on the fritz. Syrupy raga drones become beds for the rhythms to lie in and decay or sometimes be smashed to bits (and, yes, that scraping noise IS supposed to be there, you ninny). There may even be a little one-upmanship over the "Hekate" 10" because, after all, what is the moon goddess going to do in protest? Moon? Nonetheless, both 10"'s are beautifully rendered, extremely limited and indispensable companion pieces with a third on the way. Which is to say that your Zollection is not Zomplete without Zalmosis! [press release]