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NULL, K.K. - Ergosphere

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Blossoming Noise bn009cd
Release Year: 2006
Note: crazy sounds like being locked in a utopian pinball-machine...
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Sometimes the music of KK NULL is the best that can happen to yourself at certain moments, with its high tension-high pitched-and highly artificial sinustone sounds, miles away from the usual harsh noise..... this sounds like spreading Adrenaline, but it's pressed and forced into steel-forms. NULLs sound never looses a kind of futuristic atmosphere, an almost floating character and quasi-composed delevopments.... Maybe like MAIN on Speed.. or sometimes it feels like being the witness to an intergalactic cosmic WAR, or like being involved in an utopian pinball-machine.....
[Drone Rec. 2006]

"Ergosphere was recorded live during Kazuyuki Kishino's (Zeni Geva, etc.) tour of Russia in late 2005, specifically on his only two solo dates, live at Moscow Palace of Youth in Moscow Russia October 5, 2005 and 'Festival Hea Uus Heli' Kanuti Gildi Saal in Tallinn Estonia on October 7, 2005. An uneasy balance of lull and divide." [label info]