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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Opposite Records OPCD02
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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Kinetische Energie in NOISE umgesetzt? KK NULL benutzt hier ziemlich extreme & hohe Frequenzen, die um die Wette knirschen und fiepsen.. hat was mchtiges, zermalmendes, reine Energiestrme werden sichtbar... kosmischer harsh noise.....ein elektrisch-monumentales Klanggewitter.... dann aber auch viel leiser, seltsame Strukturen & Pulsationen ausbildendend... Galaktische Trance? No easy listening, aber ziemlich einzigartig, KK NULLs Tonkunst !

ERG: A measurement of kinetic energy.
A snowflake falling on Earth = 1 erg.
ERG per GALAXY: The total amount of kinetic energy in a galaxy. Kazuyuki calls this album one of the best works he's ever done. We here at Opposite Records are incredibly excited about this release! One of the finest works of KK Null's career, he modestly calls this "high-quality cosmic noise." A fierce expression of Nulltronics created without synthesizers, guitar, or computers. I say it brings to mind radio transmissions from other planets and electrical storms being shaped by KK's hand. Intensely trance-inducing. [label info]