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NONO, LUIGI - A Carlo Scarpa Architetto Ai Suoi Infiniti Possibili (etc)

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Edition RZ 1004
Release Year: 1990
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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All works by Nono: ("A Carlo Scarpa" for large orchestra), ("A Pierre" for contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet and live electronics), ("Guia Al Gelidi Mostri" for electronically treated winds, voices and strings). Re: Nono's concept of "new listenings": "This no longer means revolutionizing the entire linguistic system ie. a subversive attack on the institution of music; rather it means progressively expanding the technical possibilities of sound produced by traditional instruments and the perceptive faculties of the listener."
Luigi Nono (1926 - 90)
A Carlo Scarpa, A Pierre, Guai ai Gelidi Mostri
A Carlo Scarpa for orchestra (Sinfonieorchester des SWF, M. Gielen)
A Pierre for bass flute, bass clarinet and live elektronics (R. Fabbriciani, C. Scarponi, Experimentalstudio des SWF)
Guai ai Gelidi Mostri for ensemble, voices and live elektronics (E. Laurence,S. Otto, C. Gieselbracht, Chr. Theus, R. Fabbriciani, C. Scarponi, St. Scodanibbio, Ltg. R. Cecconi, Experimentalstudio des SWF, H.P. Haller, sound director: L. Nono)