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MURRAY, BRENDAN - Resting Places

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sedimental cd039
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Uns bisher bekannt von einer CDR auf NANINANI, präsentiert der Bostoner „Experimental Drone“-Composer hier vier beeindruckende Soundscapes, die sowohl sehr atmosphärisch tönen als auch höchst dynamische Qualitäten annehmen. Inspiriert vom „Phänomen der Bewusstwerdung der Vergänglichkeit aller Dinge“, weisen seine dichten und sehr sorgfältig zusammengesetzten Dronescapes eine angenehme melancholische Tiefe auf, aber auch so etwas wie eine auf den Moment bezogene existenzielle Schärfe. Not depressive but sophisticated ! Grosse Klasse, für uns eines der besten „experimental drone“ – Alben der letzten Zeit !!

"....The pieces are all inspired by thoughts about sloth, leisure and expiration and how all of those things might inform one another. That simple, severe realization that we have when we are really young: 'We are dying from the second we are borne.' It’s not meant to be as weighty as it sounds, but I tried to use that perplexing and morbid thought to inform these pieces. The result is not a serious meditation on mortality by any means. These are not requiems or “drones of death”. I wanted to use these very vague (and overused) concepts that everyone has to contemplate as starting points for the tone that informs all of these pieces: how do specific locations help us to feel alive and confortable or confused and dying or both? What happens to the places we live and die in when we leave them? Do they feel anything?
This cd is very different from my first one, Not Now, which was much more about tentative and suspended moments. It’s much louder and warmer and more succinctly addresses the musical concerns (repetition, drones, deliberate editing) that have interested me since I started making music on my own some 10 years ago....[Brendan Murray]

"...vast expanses of shimmering sludge, lo fidelity hover with an emotive/romantic underbelly, deep dronepools that occasionally build into charged anthemic howl. The most exciting composer in Boston..."-Howard Stelzer

“....But now he's back with, what I think, should be his second CD. Murray is a master of technology that is on the fringes of analogue and digital: using a sampler makes it digital, but he's also persistent in pushing these sounds through analogue filtering, such as mixing boards. The five pieces on this CD continue his previous work, that is pretty strong and upfront drone related works. The sources of his samples are obscured by the clouds around them, but maybe he tapes events outside his house, like ventilators, motors or plainly puts the microphone in the earth and records the movements of the ground below his feet, in addition to which adds the tinkling of bells (in 'Bed') and all of this is served up as a hot steaming mix of mostly dark electronic music. Proceedings peak at 'Tomb', the final piece, with it's immense walls of drones - upfront, loud and yet totally immersive. Great stuff, and hopefully putting more hands together as his work so far.” [FdW / Vital Weekly]