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EARZUMBA - Simulando un Refugio

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Gold
Release Year: 2005
Note: Earzumba = CHRISTIAN DERGARABEDIAN ! lim. 500
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EARZUMBA = CHRISTIAN DERGARABEDIAN. Sehr elektronisch elektro-akustisch. 11 Stcke - man weiss kaum wie man das charakterisieren soll, was C.D. hier macht, so traumwandlerisch sicher bewegt er sich zwischen verschiedenen Genres, ob drone-ambience, elektro-akustische Experimente, Post-Industrial oder Collagen-Verwurstung von found-sounds, jedes Stck ist von neuem eine Offenbarung!!! Dabei benutzt er sehr interessante Klnge, akustisches /handgespieltes wie field recordings.....
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The first American release from Buenos Aries-born, Barcelona-based sound artist Christian Dergarabedian, ex-Reynols/CD& Lens Cleaner Trio. Electronic sound collage in the tradition of "Jungle Cookies" and "Obvious Urban Landscapes," using field recordings and AMMesque instrumental improvisation, "Simulando" rockets these techniques into the 21st century, layering fascinating atmospheres and moods spanning two continents - bordering on the fringes of elusive black hole delirium, destined to take you places you will never want to leave. See more information on the FEATURE page. [label description]

"There isn't a single moment of weakness here." [Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly]