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DUNCAN, JOHN & PAOLO PARISI - Conservatory (San Sebastiano)

Format: BOOK & CD
Label & Cat.Number: Maschietto Editore / Allquestions AQ09
Release Year: 2006
Note: Box w. 64 p. full-colour catalogue & CD
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €35.00

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Ein weiterer Ausstellungs-/Installationskatalog mit Audio-CD von JOHN DUNCAN, diesmal in Zusammenarbeit mit PAOLO PARISI. Alle Klnge basieren auf human voice only...

"Full color 64 pp. paperbound catalogue with installation audio CD mounted in separate cover, both inserted in paper box.
Catalogue : Texts (English/Italiano) by Daniela Cascella, Pietro Gaglian, Giovanni Iovane, & Sergio Risaliti.
Audio CD : John Duncan : shortwave, processing.
Catalogue and CD cover produced by Maschietto Editore. CD produced by Allquestions." [label notes]

The work of John Duncan should need no introduction, as he has long been one of Aquarius' favorite sound artists; however, Paolo Parisi is something of a mystery to us. An Italian sculptor, painter, and installation artist, Parisi commissioned Duncan to compose a sound component for one of Parisi's installation. The themes behind Parisi's installation for plastic tubes and eviscerated cardboard sentry houses are far too convoluted to recount within this review; but in a shocking display of Aquarian restraint, we'll merely mention that the Panopticon, Hitchcock, Deleuze, and Duchamp all get name checked throughout the book's text celebrating Parisi's installation. The CD is all Duncan; and it's well worth the price of admission. Duncan has long been known for his use of shortwave radio sounds as the springboard for his psychologically intense compositions; but slowly, he has been introducing the human voice into his pantheon of sound sources. For Conservatory, voice is the only source he is using, in particular he's amplifying and stretching the gasps, wheezes, and hisses that occur during the act of breathing. Through his manipulation of these sounds, Duncan cultivates a vast network of gaping blasts of air that collectively build into a ghastly, frigid drone emanating from a unscrupulous cryrogenics laboratory. Another epochal release from Mr. Duncan! [Aquarius Records]