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DUNCAN, JOHN - Da sich die Machtgier...

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Die Stadt DS65
Release Year: 2003
Note: Digipack with extra booklet
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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DUNCAN macht sich hier ber einen CIORAN-rezitierenden ASMUS TIETCHENS her, dessen Vokalisationen (v.a. Silben) zerschnitten, de-fragmentiert und wieder zusammengesetzt werden zu hchst kuriosen Ergebnissen. Neben der Kreation dieser neuen Sprachlichkeit entwirft DUNCAN auch wieder die so beliebten, ins Infinite schwelgenden Monumental-Drones, und schreckt auch vor harschen Prozeduren nicht zurck. Das alles basiert auf den Stimmbndern unseres alten Lehrmeisters ASMUS T.

New work with DUNCAN working on TIETCHENS voice recititing CIORAN. His words are cut, de-fragmented and put together again to build a highly obscure new language.. also DUNCAN creates his beloved monumental-drones that spread into infiniteness, and even harsher procedures are to find on this very nice work !!

John Duncan about 'Da sich die Machtgier...': ASMUS TIETCHENS proposed that he and I work together years ago -- many years ago. For a variety of reasons it didn't happen , and at this point I don't remember any of them. Finally we agreed to start: I asked him to send a recording of his voice and said I'd work with it, send him the result and continue from there -- figuring that he would add to my gestures, then I'd add to his, ect., until we were both satisfied. Asmus sent recordings of him reading two excerpts from texts by E.M. CIORAN. Asmus had already processed his voice on both tracks, which are left more or less intact here on track 3.
After eighteen more months I started working on them, and a couple of weeks afterward send him the results. Asmus liked what he heard, said he felt it was already finished -- and since he hadn't participated directly in the composing process, he couldn't accept credit for involvement in it. We still disagree on this, but it's useless to insist that someone accept what he doesn't feel he's earned. So although I remain convinced that Asmus deserves to be acknowledged as an equal, we've agreed that this project would be credited to me alone.
And heres the CIORAN QUOTE:
"For thousands of years, the appetite for power being dispersed in countles tyrannies, great and small, which have raged here and there, the moment seems at hand when that appetite must finally collect and concentrate in order to culminate in a single power, expression of that thirst which has devoured, and still devours the globe, last word of all our dreams of mastery, the consummmation of our hopes and abberations. The sattered human herd will be united under the guardianship of one pitiless shepherd, a kind of planetary monster before whom the nations will prostrate temselves in an
alarm bordering on ecstasy. The universe brought to its knees, an important chapter of history will be closed. Then will begin the disintegration of this new reign and the return to the primal disorder, to the old anarchy; the smothered hates and vices will reappear and with them the minor tyrants of the bygone cycles. After the Great Slavery, mediocre ones. But as they emerge from their monumental servitudes, the survivors will be proud of their shame and, incomparable victims, will celebrate its memory. -- E.M. Cioran, 'Learning from the Tyrants' [press release]